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"Dear Patti, I received my products yesterday and I am so impressed! When I opened up the the box there were these beautiful cobalt blue bottles, tightly sealed (not a drip anywhere!), perfectly packed. Couldn't wait to open them up and smell the lavender/orange I ordered. Wonderful! Couldn't wait to try them so spent the rest of the day cleaning! Wonderful! While most companies are cheaping out you are definitely the exception. Nice sturdy, easy to spray bottles (no pump, pump, pumping!) filled with a wonderful product. I also appreciate so much all the info. & advice you give freely to those of us who would like to start our own cleaning businesses. Thanks so much!" Jenny, OH

"I don't even know where to start. This product line is absolutely amazing!!! I have searched everywhere, used many different lines of product and even tried to come up with my own cleaning remedies. Finding a product that smells good and works at the same time, is the cleaners worst nightmare! Let me just say that Aromatherapy Naturals is not just offering a healthier solution to "CLEAN" but everything I have ordered so far works AMAZING and smells ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I could not be happier!!! Patti, I can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule to master Aromatherapy Naturals for all of us who have been searching for years for this EXACT CLEANING SOLUTION. I will continue to use your products and refer them to anyone who asks what I use." Christina D, Florida

"After feeling bad from cleaning with chemicals time after time, I finally began the search for an all natural cleaning line. Yes, I could buy stuff from stores, but the products in stores weren't meeting my requirements. My search didn't last long because I found this site quickly, I feel as though it was meant to be. I've been using these products in my clients homes, as well as mine since November, 2015 and I am in love. The smell is amazing and I feel great after hours of cleaning. They not only smell good, they work great! Leaving me and my clients super happy after I've cleaned their home. I am truly thankful for Patti and her product line. The best product, the best customer service, what more could you ask for?" Sabrina, Oregon

“I just recently ordered the Lavender Sweet Orange cleaning products to use in my clients homes and they LOVE it! I have to admit, I was somewhat reluctant and hesitant at first, because I did not know how well they would work or more importantly if my clients would even like the way they made their homes smell.
Well, we both LOVE the products! They definitely do their job at cleaning and I was even surprised to see the glass cleaner did not leave streaks or smudges. Nope...I was 100% satisfied with my trial of Aromatherapy Naturals! So much so that I just made my second order for Lemon Eucalyptus and concentrates for both.
I have decided to go 100% Eco-friendly with these products and use NO MORE STORE BOUGHT CHEMICALS. UGH!! I'm so glad there is a safer alternative. Yes, it's a bit more expensive, but well worth it in the long run! I HIGHLY recommend Aromatherapy Naturals to anyone wanting safer alternatives, especially if you own a cleaning business. Can't wait for my new scents to arrive!” Jamie S.
"I have purchased cleaning products from Aromatherapy Naturals several times now, and I am thrilled with them all. While the Thieves products are my favorite in terms of cleaning and germ killing properties, the other cleaning products are wonderful as well, especially the warm orange spice, lavender and peppermint scents. I am also pleasantly surprised at how well the stainless steel polish works. It is far better than any commercial product. The bottom line is that these all natural products (important for those who have chemical sensitivities or who are simply concerned about introducing more chemicals into our environments) clean far more effectively than anything else that I have tried. I am a customer for life and am now giving these products as gifts. I also love that this is a small Indiana business that I can support as an Indiana native!" Heather Z.
"OMG!! I absolutely love your products..they work exactly like you said they would, and they smell wonderful!! The lavender freshener is like nothing I've ever smelled before, so real and natural, very pure scent..I especially love the stainless steel polish, the fridge looks fantastic! Thank you Patty for your wonderful products..I look forward to my next order." Stacey, Florida
All the products are wonderful. I have been cleaning homes for 20 years and I have to say that these products are my absolute favorite. The stainless polish is unlike anything I have ever used. My favorite fragrance is Warm Orange Spice! Several of my clients have now purchased their own products. Heather, OH
"I have been using Aromatherapy Naturals for a while now. While all the products I've used (too many to list) are wonderful, I have to sing the praises of the stainless steel polish! I have several clients with stainless appliances in their kitchens and this stainless polish is like magic in a bottle! It makes cleaning stainless absolutely easy. I even had a client that placed large magnets on her refrigerator that left terrible imprints. They would not wipe away. During her scheduled visit, my initial thought was "oh no, how am I going to remove this?". I pulled my stainless polish out (not fully expecting it to help) and as soon as I started to apply - the marks disappeared as though I was using an eraser! I don't offer praise often. When I purchase a product, I expect it to work. But, this is a different story all together. This stuff is like magic!! I will NOT be without it. EVER!!!" Dawn D
"I wish i could give Aromatherapy Naturals a higher score! I purchased the whole kit, but I have to tell you about what happened with a piece of furniture that is well over 100 years old. I polished 3 tables that are only about 10 years old. They looked brand new. I got excited! I then polished a fireplace mantel that has seen better days. I have tried everything to get the shine back. Aromatherapy naturals worked wonders. I also have this hall tree that is about 115 years old that was handed down within the family. It had no life left in the wood very dull and lifeless looking. (especially the arms) I could not believe the luster it brought to it! My husband said it hasn't looked that good in the 30 years since we inherited it. The oils that are in the polish just gave it new life. I am certain this is the best way to go for all your wood polishing needs. Thank you so much!" Marie, Brunswick OH
Dear Patti, thank you so much for my speedy delivery and for packaging my products so beautiful! You put so much care in your products and the packaging. Today I ordered the thieves spray, the all purpose, window cleaner, dog shampoo and they all smell Fantastic!!!! I will sell your products here in California and I know that my customers will be so pleased with your products like me, thank you Patti for your dedication on helping our planet with such great products! I've been your customer since 2009 and will continue forever!!! Thank you, thank you,
Maria Chavez.
"I could not imagine my business without Aromatherapy Naturals! I feel fantastic after using them, and my clients love the way their homes smell and feel! I am confident in the products' cleaning abilities, too! I am very happy to pass on these wonderful products to my friends, family and clients to help keep their homes clean and peaceful. Thanks!!!" Amyjean S. owner of Amy on Location
"Every one of your products produces better results than any commercial or mainstream product I have ever used in my cleaning business. I service luxury homes and depend on quality and safety for high-end surfaces. I have made "the switch" and am a happy customer! Thank you for offering your superb products!" Liz, Florida
"The products are absolutely amazing I love them! I was skeptical especially about the glass cleaner; well about everything about these products smell fantastic and they clean clean clean. The glass solution is better than anything I've ever found in the stores and I only used a cheap paper towel to wipe with! I've cleaned up my stove and the counters just fantastic. Thanks for such great safe products!" Barbara
"Hi, first I want to say that Im in love with your products and I refuse to use any other brands now. You're the only reason I've succeeded this far, your products and house cleaning articles have been a life saver!" Katie, Katie's Peechy Clean
“I would just like to take the time to thank you again for your products and your business. Since I started using your cleaning products, 4 years ago, my family hasn't got sick as much. My house always smells good. And, my arms aren't sore from scrubbing ;) The shipments are always at my door within a few days and im never disappointed! Keep up the good work Patti Page, I look forward to doing business with you for a very long time.” Jess
"I would give this product a 100 if I could. My husband and I recently started our natural cleaning business and we are absolutely in love with your products. They are very effective and the heavy duty degreaser has become my saving grace. It smells great and gets the job done. We can't imagine using any other cleaning products. My husband is in love with the Rosemary Mint and so am I. It makes our cleaning experience so much better and other products we have tried don't even compare. I wish we had discovered your products sooner. Please don't ever stop making these cleaning gems....They Rock!!!!!!!" Husband & Wife Go Green Cleaning Services-Kerry & Joyce
“I had to try them out as soon as I opened the box! Is it sad that I am so excited about cleaners?!? :) I have never enjoyed the harsh chemical smells of most cleaners, but I am a clean freak so I cleaned with them anyway. I have to say that the lavender orange scent is wonderful. I tried the glass cleaner: amazing!!!!; the stainless steal polish: to die for!!! and the granite cleaner: wonderful!!!! You have amazing products. I look forward to trying the rest of my order tomorrow and other products and scents in the future.” Erin
"Wow, I just received a variety of products in the mail. They smell incredible and work as well (if not better) than the smelly chemically products you buy in the store. I am actually looking for things to clean because I enjoy the scents so much! Never going back to the chemical stuff!!" Kristin
"If I was stranded on a desert island and could take only one product--I'd choose the four thieves. It smells incredible and it's powerful germ killing ability makes it invaluable in my own home." Tammy
"I love all of the aromatherapy products, but my favorite is the Four Thieves Germ Buster spray. The smell is so comforting. I use it often in my home and feel that it extremely effective on fighting odors/germs. I also use it to disinfect my son's hockey equipment and it works very well. It gives me peace of mind that this product is so safe and non-toxic. I only wish it came in bigger bottles :) Thank you for making this wonderful product." Michelle
"I have been searching for a "great" stainless cleaner and polish that would last and not leave the very faint streaks that are common in most polishes. I can honestly say that I have now found it. Your cleaner and polish for stainless was recommended to me from a friend of mine. I am so glad that I listened and agreed to try it. I have hesitated to write a review due to the fact I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to see the longevity of the polish and how it looked after applying and observing it. I am totally impressed with the way it cleans old stains and finger prints on my stainless kitchen. The lavender scent is just lovely. I applied two weeks ago and everything still shines and glistens. When I notice a new finger print, just a quick buff with the polishing towel is all that is needed to bring back the original luster. I will be trying more of your products in the future, I am not an easily impressed individual, but you have d one so with this cleaner. I cant say enough good about the stainless polish as I have looked unsuccessfully for years to find one that will clean, polish, and look good for weeks afterwards. Thank You" Andy, Okeana, Ohio
"I love the whole product line, but the Natural Organic Soap is a favorite of mine, because it works wonders in removing tuff soap scum from tubs and shower doors, without much effort or time...Thanks for creating a great product line!" Debra
"I started my own cleaning business several years ago and was struggling to find a "natural" cleaning product that would truly tackle all the grease, grime and smudges that I encounter on a daily basis. I'm so happy that I found Patti's Aromatherapy Naturals cleaning products. The cleaning products not only do their job well but they have such a refreshing scent. It makes cleaning that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend that you give these products a try and I promise you won't regret it. I've tried several of the different scent options and I've loved every single one of them. I do suggest that you purchase good quality rags to use with these products. I prefer to use microfiber rags rather then the lint creating white rags. If you use both a good quality rag and these amazing products your house will be spotless." Molly, ND. Victory Cleaning LLC
"I love cleaning with your product! I run a B&B in Yosemite Ca, I am cleaning more and more just so I can smell the wonderful scents! My two favorites are Rosemary Mint and Lavender Sweet Orange. Wonderful!! Not to mention they work well. I am so grateful I ran across your web site. Keep up the wonderful work." Danna, Yosemite, Ca
"I went on a cleaning frenzy and blew through my first kit ! These are wonder products- I have stained concrete throughout my house and an elderly chi who has accidents in secret places- Your floor cleaner is the only product ive used that completely erased the urine smell. After I saw how well the products worked in the house, i moved onto my car. We live in a sandy, rural area and my car was filthy. The interior now looks brand-new and smells so nice. I no longer hurry to shut the door before anyone sees inside. As long as i was outside, why not clean the patio set? Greasy, funky barbecue is now spotless. whew! i'm worn-out- but oh so happy in my clean-wonderful smelling home and car! My sister has five kids - heading over there next." Karen, AZ
“I wanted to tell you that the furniture polish that you sell does wonders! My grandma had some strange stain marks on her kitchen cabinets and she couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. She even took one of the cabinet doors to the cabinet maker and he tried his own products but nothing worked. Well, I decided to give your polish a try and it worked! I now have a very happy Grandma who is very thankful for your products. Keep up the good work ” Molly
"Bottom line, I love your products. I really enjoy cleaning now... I had recommended your products to a friend and she is in love with them too!" Heather Bowen
"I am soo glad I found this site. I only clean my home for the past year with your great products. When people walk in my home all they talk about is how beautiful my home smells, and more importantly is I feel good knowing I am keeping my family safe from harmful chemicals. It's a win win!" Anita, FL
"Hi Patti, Your cleaning products are awesome!! more than I was expecting. I have used them in my house and they work fantastic!. I am so happy I decided to give them a chance. I 'm pretty sure that my customers will love them. Thank you for your hard work and effort you put into this great line of products." Sissy, Montana
"I have a small cleaning business in WI and I have been using these products for approximately 6 months now and I refuse to use any chemicals in my clients homes. My favorite scent is Cool Citrus Basil. I would definitely recommend these products for anybody who does cleaning for a living or just to clean to your own home." Julie, WI
"I have been using these products exclusively for 3 months now. I use Rosemary Mint, Lavender Sweet Orange and Blissful. I clean several homes with these products and my clients LOVE the smell. One client told me that she's "never seen her floors so clean." I am a HUGE fan of the Heavy Duty Degreaser. It smells amazing and truly works at cleaning the grime. I have also used the Lemon Upholstery cleaner in my own home to undo Many mishaps on the carpet and couch from my two small kiddos. I am considering becoming a "wholesaler" for this product because I tell everyone I know about it. I want everyone to have and enjoy these products! I've never had so much fun cleaning!" Monica, KS Healthy Happy Cleaning
"I want to thank Aromatherapy Naturals for providing me with AMAZING cleaning products to use in my company. When starting my cleaning company I wanted to use all natural products but after doing many long nights of research I kept coming across "so-called natural products". But then finally I came across Aromatherapy Naturals. I am so pleased and now even my clients are asking to purchase the products...THANK YOU!!" Angels Way of Cleaning, Georgia
“Very dedicated professional who helped me bring my business to its feet. I really appreciate the patience and guidance I received from you and the products I got from your company.
I wish you the best ever!” Goitseone
"My clients love the sweet scent throughout their home when they return." Melissa, A Touch of Class Cleaning, Alpharetta, Georgia
"Patti, Your cleaning products are OUTSTANDING...I will be starting my own business soon, and used them at my first clients home, and she so happy with how clean, and how wonderful her home smelled...thank you so much for creating these wonderful products. Please don't ever stop selling them" Deb
"Patti, love your products!!! Has made all of my clients very happy and all your products clean better than any of the cleaners with all the harsh chemicals. Thank you and keep up the good work!" Tania/The Clean Team
"You have created a miracle product in the Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser. We use it on everything. I have a client that said her stove has never looked that good" Kathy, R&R Time, Cleveland OH
"Several of my clients have fallen in love with your products and have ordered them from you. I think your products are extraordinary. Thanks so much for such wonderful products!" Rosanne, CT
"I have tried several natural cleaning products and have been disappointed every time. I used every item in the set and found them all to work very well. The bathroom cleaner is definitely a must have, the glass cleaner left no streaks, the furniture cleaner is not greasy and leaves a nice surface. Love them all and would recommend them to everyone!" Gina, NY
"I absolutely love the all natural pet shampoo!" I used it on my Labrador and it left her coat smelling fresh and feeling soft for days! It has a very refreshing clean scent. I have tried other pet shampoos but the scent does not stay like this one does. It's a great product. I LOVE IT! Missi OH
"I bought the All In One Natural Cleaning Set in the Lavender Sweet Orange. I went through my home cleaning every nook and cranny testing these products against my usual store cleaners. The difference was amazing! The products are truly worth it - I actually enjoyed cleaning! The wonderfully unique scent of Lavender Sweet Orange made it a true joy with its subtle scent that lasts throughout the home. My family loves the fragrance of our home sweet home! There's a sense of bringing balance into our home through the scent. The Natural cleaning products were very effective and cut my cleaning time in half. I enjoy finishing off my cleaning with the sheet spray - what a wonderful scent! The difference was amazing! The products are truly worth it - I actually enjoyed cleaning! The wonderfully unique scent of Lavender Sweet Orange made it a true joy with its subtle scent that lasts throughout the home. My family loves the fragrance of our home sweet home! There's a sense of bringing balance into our home through the scent. The Natural cleaning products were very effective and cut my cleaning time in half. I enjoy finishing off my cleaning with the sheet spray - what a wonderful scent!" Dayna, AZ
"I recently purchased your products to see for myself if they would trigger my asthma; they did not! You cannot imagine how excited I am with these products. I want to thank you for taking the time to share your story and your products. They are amazing and you are truly a blessing. Kindest Regards," Marjorie, Arizona
"Dear Patti, I am soooo impressed with your product that I will never ever again use anything else!!! So very glad to have found you, am basing my business on your product!!! With it I don't think I have competition once people will realize how great your product is!!" Thanks again, and congratulations on your achievement!!!" Judith, Green Solutions Business Services. Florida
"Hi Patti! I cannot tell you how wonderful your products are. They do such a great job and smell great! My customers love it. I cannot wait to try another scent" Holly Hensley, Envi Cleaning Services, Brunswick Ohio
"Dear Patti Page & Staff of Aromatherapy Naturals, LLC: Thank you for my recent order!I am grateful for your user-friendly online ordering, and speedy processing. I placed my order on April 15th, and received my product within 3 business days! WOW! I look forward to doing more business with your company in the near future. Thank you again for your business!" Yasmeen's Cleaning Service Chicago, IL
"Your product is simply amazing!!  I love to use it, and the customers I've used it so far love it as well!!  I appreciate your opportunities to buy in bulk, as I have a small business I'm just getting off the ground." Amanda
"Patti, I am here to tell you, you will go far with your business.  You are definitely a good business person by offering to throw something extra in the box.  That is the sign of a good business person. You have gained my trust and respect with that, I will remain loyal to your cleaning products as long as I live." Lisa
"Love Love Love Aromatherapy products. Thank you so much, looking forward to getting the furniture cleaners". Michelle's House Cleaning Service
"Hi Patti. Happy New Year! I love your products. I used them on the boat and they are wonderful. Thank you for your great customer service." Debbie
"Love the carpet deodorizer!! I use it for the houses I clean in Los Angeles and my clients are so happy and calm one of them even gave me a raise! She said every time I come to my home it smells so good! Thanks Patti and Aromatherapy Naturals you truly are helping the environment and us Housekeepers!" Maria
"I'm just starting my own cleaning business so am trying different products. I like your aromatherapy products the best and they have the best scent. I love all of the different scents and I know my customers will too! The glass cleaner is great. You don't need much and the glass and chrome is sparkling! The floor cleaner works so well. It makes the floors so clean and smooth feeling when walking around in bare feet! These products make you want to clean!!" Veronica, Fresh As a Daisy Cleaning Services
"I want to thank you for making such great products. They do their job and leave a wonderful, calming scent behind that we and our clients love. Keep up the great work!" Christine The Lavender Lady Cleaning Company
"I got to tell you this place is sparkling. The smell of your cleaning products can't be compared to anything, it's almost like a better smelling Bath and Body Works. I am speechless" Michele
"I love your products. It almost makes cleaning fun. The glass cleaner is the best I have ever used." Thanks Cindy, Pleasanton,CA
"Thank you for your continued excellence in customer service!" Yasmeen's Cleaning Service
"First let me say that walking into my home and smelling the Lavender scent was great, and this is all just coming from the unopened box that was delivered. I cannot wait to actually use the products for the full effect" Kats Custom Cleaning
"Dear Patti Page & Staff of Aromatherapy Naturals, LLC: I am so glad I have found your products. My customers and myself love them. They smell great and work great. Keep up the good work" Chris Leston, Green Beam Cleaning


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