Natural Aromatherapy Products

Allow me to introduce the founder of Aromatherapy Naturals and share with you how it got started.... 

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Patti Page is the founder of Aromatherapy Naturals Home Cleaning Products.

Owning a cleaning service business for over 20 years and cleaning hundreds of homes, she knows a lot about cleaning products. She knows what cleans well and what doesn't. Throughout her career, Patti tried dozens of cleaning products! 

She took this experience and knowledge and developed a line of natural aromatherapy cleaning products that not only smell good, but are superior in performance as well.

Tested and Proven

Aromatherapy Naturals Products were not created in a lab. They were created in a small rural town in Indiana by a Cleaning Service Owner with over 17 years experience in the cleaning industry by fusing together the art of aromatherapy and the science of cleaning.

Every Order is Carefully Created by Hand

Aromatherapy Naturals commitment to purity and quality goes as far as to guarantee that your products are not created until the time you place your order. 

Everything is Done In House

Aromatherapy Naturals develops and manufactures all the products. Everything from testing and marketing to production and distribution is done in house.

We are committed to making top quality natural cleaning products that not only work well, but smell great too, to give you and your family a healthy alternative to harsh chemical cleaners.

Making the Switch

In 2006 after using harsh cleaning chemicals on a daily basis for years Patti decided to start using only natural cleaning products to clean her clients homes. She wanted a natural product that not only cleaned well, but would leave her clients homes with a pleasant scent. After extensive research Patti found a company that made Natural Cleaning Products using essential oils. She started purchasing the products from this company and using them in her cleaning service. That was when Aromatherapy House Cleaning was born!

Everything was going well and she continued to use the products from this company. Then the company she was purchasing the products from sold out to another company. The other company changed the formulas and scents and only offered a few products. Patti was not interested in purchasing the products from this company after they had changed the formulas and scents. By this time she had completely based her cleaning service on these products. Patti wasn't sure what to do at this point since no one else sold this type of product. She also tried other products but did not care for them.

After much consideration and prayer Patti took the leap of faith and decided to go forward and make a product line herself to use in her cleaning business. After countless hours of research and many nights spent working on the formulas and praying for God's assistance to help with the formulas, Aromatherapy Naturals was conceived. "I couldn't have done it without the help of the Lord," Patti says. 

After using the natural aromatherapy products in her cleaning business, Patti started getting requests from cleaning companies who had visited her website and saw that she was using these products asking for information about purchasing the products they were using. In 2008, Patti started Aromatherapy Naturals and started selling the products to home owners and cleaning services all over the United States and Canada.

Since then, several products have been added to offer everything needed to clean homes naturally.

Only the Best Will Do

When your products are made, they are made using the greatest amount of natural ingredients for optimal cleaning. When purchasing the ingredients that go into making your natural cleaning products, we purchase only the best quality ingredients! We refuse to compromise on quality!

There is such a difference between cleaning with chemical cleaners and natural aromatherapy cleaners. You enjoy cleaning more and feel so much better. Once you start using Aromatherapy Naturals we guarantee you will be hooked!

Safe for Everyone

Safe for you, your children, your pets and the environment. The perfect solution for individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma.

What You Won't Find in Aromatherapy Naturals Products

* Ammonia
* Vinegar
* Phosphates
* Peroxide
* Artificial Colors
* Synthetic Fragrances
* Artificial Preservatives


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