How Essential Oils Are Made

Making essential oils

Ever wonder how those great smelling essential oils are made?

Distillation Process: The majority of essential oils are steam distilled. However there are some oils that are extracted or distilled in other ways.

Steamed Distilled

The most common method of extracting an essential oil from the plant is through steam distillation. Low temperature and low pressure play an important part of collecting the highest quality essential oil. When plant matter is placed into a chamber and steam is injected, the plant’s essential oil is released into the air. The steam and essential oil are carried out of the chamber and cooled. The oil and water are then allowed to separate for collection. 

Cold Pressed Extraction

Cold pressed is a method where the essential oil is pressed from the plant. This is the most common method of extraction for the citrus oils. The peel of the citrus plant is pressed and the essential oil is then filtered from the plant matter.

Source and Image: Essential Health Magazine


Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Home

Room Specific Essential Oils


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